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Synonyms for flowerpot

a container in which plants are cultivated


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The owners of the Flowerpot, the very successful real ale pub chain Ossett Brewery, have had a lunchtime pub grub menu for a while now.
My wife and I are advocates of traditional Montessori Techniques", said Ed Bartley, Managing Partner of Flowerpot Games.
After a few minutes, pour enough wax so that it reaches the top of the flowerpot.
Whatever happened to Pinky and Perky, the Flowerpot Men, The Clangers and Captain Pugwash?
Among the 10 other items thrown onto the road were an umbrella, a unicycle, a flowerpot, a soccer ball and a banner for traffic safety.
The researchers had become fascinated with a Venus flytrap that was sitting in a flowerpot in their shared office.
Place the coffee filter in the bottom of the flowerpot, and set the pot in the dish.
Guests can keep their flowers in the flowerpot until they're ready to leave.
And, perhaps most famously and unsettlingly, he crawled through New York's Tompkins Square Park wearing a suit and clutching a flowerpot, while a white cameraman, whom he had hired, recorded each inch and minute of his excruciating progress.
The BBC are launching a new series of Bill and Ben the flowerpot men - minus the strings - aimed at a whole new generation of kids.
A tatpurusha is a compound of two words in which the first is an attributive noun and the second, a substantive: Examples include bookcase, aircraft, flowerpot, guidebook.
What I am actually talking about is a chance to see the flowerpot arch that Whichford Pottery of Shipston on Stour built for the Chelsea Flower Show.
Enter flower(*) to obtain documents containing the terms flower, flowers, flowering, flowered, flowerpot, flowery, and any foreign language words that may apply.
I suppose the Baggy Blossoms have married Bill and Ben the Flowerpot Men and have children and live in Council Teffacotta Pots and all their dreams are full of blackfaced flowerpot husbands shrieking: "Testiculate