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Synonyms for flowerless

without flower or bloom and not producing seeds



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A Burpee breakthrough, 'Bam' is flowerless basil that won't bolt and is bred to keep producing all season long, even in the very hottest summer.
Other desserts, all priced at $5, all with the Five Loaves homemade stamp, included flowerless chocolate mousse cake, bread pudding, and chocolate cheesecake with pecans and caramel sauce.
Flowers are but a rarity in the park and this is lonely park, which can be dubbed as flowerless park, said Din Muhammad, a shopkeeper.
I AM sure we have all noticed the near completion of Broadgate, Trinity Street, Hales Street, Ironmonger Row and Bull Yard and the colossal amount of paving slabs used so that we can all benefit from the virtual treeless, grassless and flowerless areas to walk on.
but what will become of Whitman, the flowerless grass plant who longs to be beautiful enough to be accepted at tea like Mrs.
And apparently there is nothing worse than coming home from your spring vacation to an empty fridge and a FLOWERLESS house.
A land that is lonelier than ruin; A sea that is stranger than death: Far fields that a rose never blew in, Wan waste where the winds lack breath; Waste endless and boundless and flowerless But of marsh-blossoms fruitless as free: Where earth lies exhausted, as powerless To strive with the sea.
Part of McMurtry's effectiveness is the distance his flowerless, frank writing and vocal delivery create between his narrators and his topics.
Commenting on how the restoration of Janet's spirit lends wonder to "the flowerless monotony" of an ordinary walk, the narrator says:
Although the farm supplies Feller with lavender for wreaths in the summer, those plants are flowerless mounds now, cut back and sleeping for winter.