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any tree having seeds and ovules contained in the ovary

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A parade of spring flowering trees starts with the yellow-blooming (in April) Cornelian cherry or (in May) the native, white flowering dogwood, or the (June-blooming) Japanese dogwood.
Atomic and Nixon in China, both produced in Chicago in recent seasons, often preachy and/or anti-climactic, Chicago Opera Theater's production of A Flowering Tree, seen May 20, was a welcome revelation.
Peter Sellars' New Crowned Hope Festival, named after Mozart's Masonic lodge, enjoys a spectacular launch with the world premiere of "A Flowering Tree," the fourth opera from John Adams, America's foremost classical composer.
The trees have already been replaced with a different variety of flowering tree which I am confident will bring pleasure to residents for years to come.
Support from stakeholder groups like the Friends of the National Arboretum and the National Bonsai Foundation, which seek both private and federal funds for the Arboretum, helps launch projects like a new Flowering Tree Walk and accessible courtyards in the bonsai museum.
In Triumph, a white, flowering tree seems to spring out of mid air.
Crape myrtle is probably the most popular flowering tree in Los Angeles.
The pyramid shape is now as perfect as you can get from a flowering tree.
Apart from it being the only flowering tree that can be seen among all the other oaks, sycamores and beech,it also happens to be 99 years old -it was planted on the birthday of Philip Yorke III, the last Squire of Erddig.
If you don't have a flowering tree or shrub, you can buy blooming branches at many floral shops.
While there, I could not help but notice that the most popular April flowering tree in that city is our own western redbud, a California native tree.
For a true remembrance, give a sprig of rosemary, a leaf of sage, a violet flower or a collection (nosegay) of scented foliage from your plant grouping and include a gift certificate for a herb plant, a blooming rose bush or a flowering tree.
GRANADA HILLS - In a gesture of healing, camp staffers at the North Valley Jewish Community Center planted a flowering tree Thursday on the first anniversary of a gunman's rampage there that left five people wounded a year ago.
The trees surrounding the amphitheater will be crape myrtle, a Chinese flowering tree that is delicate and, as with the London plane, attractive with or without leaves.
Among his categories are broadleaf evergreens, the American chestnut, the other nut trees, the river trees, ash, tupelo or black gum, ornamental trees, the spruces, ornamental flowering trees, escaped trees, ornamental pears, protected land, maple syrup, and Christmas tree farming.