flowering maple

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an ornamental plant of the genus Abutilon having leaves that resemble maple leaves

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Most flowering and fruiting plants need 1,000 or more foot-candles, although some, such as African violet, rex begonia, flowering maple, zebra plant and crown-of-thorns, will provide colorful displays even at about 500 foot-candles.
The flower stalks are not as long as those of the flowering maples and only somewhat nodding.
The festive container shown above pairs flowering maple in yellow (Abutilon hybridum 'Luteus') with coleus in shades of ruby red, deep burgundy, lime, apple green, and cream.
For example, while a section of the garden dedicated to a family of plants known as "succulents'' has been a success, other elements -- like a very unhappy flowering maple -- have been transplanted to another space.
It is commonly referred to as flowering maple or Chinese lantern.
I have flowering maple seeds (Abutilon--mallow family), and Shasta daisy seeds to swap for other interesting seeds.