flowering maple

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an ornamental plant of the genus Abutilon having leaves that resemble maple leaves

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Most flowering and fruiting plants need 1,000 or more foot-candles, although some, such as African violet, rex begonia, flowering maple, zebra plant and crown-of-thorns, will provide colorful displays even at about 500 foot-candles.
For example, while a section of the garden dedicated to a family of plants known as "succulents'' has been a success, other elements -- like a very unhappy flowering maple -- have been transplanted to another space.
It is commonly referred to as flowering maple or Chinese lantern.
TIP OF THE WEEK: Chinese lantern or flowering maple (abutilon) is one of the most misunderstood of all ornamental plants.
SHRUBS: Cape plumbago, escallonia, flowering maple, germander, hibiscus, oleander, salvia, shrub roses, tree mallow.