flowering cherry

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any of several shrubs or trees of the genus Prunus cultivated for their showy white or pink single or double blossoms

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Coun Hare added: "Residents of Tanners Yard were particularly grateful, given they had lost their previous flowering cherry from the feature garden near their homes.
AThere are lots of trees which stay small without lots of pruning, some of the prettiest being the flowering cherry prunus Triloba.
And if you have the space, there is a lovely winter flowering cherry called Prunus subhirtella var.
Weeping purple beech, flowering cherry, columnar spruce, dogwood, dwarf plum, galaxy magnolia, globe maple, goldenchain tree, halesia, hinoki cypress, Japanese maple, Japanese snowball, lilac, photinia, redbud, rhododendron, royal galaxy magnolia, purple smoke tree, snowball bush, stewartia, weeping hornbeam, weeping spruce.
There is larch, Scots pine, flowering cherry, Wellingtonia, Deodars, fir, oak, ash, beech and birch, some recently planted on recommendation by the Forestry Commission.
In Flowering Cherry with Poem Slips, the waka inscribed on the slip come from one of these anthologies.
A Japanese group will donate 2,500 flowering cherry tree seedlings to China for plantation in a Beijing park to promote bilateral friendship, group members said Monday.
The couple will also have the opportunity to meet with Chinese leaders who played a role in restoring bilateral ties and view flowering cherry trees in bloom in Beijing.
Just before reaching the rose garden, you'll see a most amazing ornamental tree, the Taiwan flowering cherry.
This year, the public can help Branch Brook Park regain the title of having the largest and most diverse collection of flowering Cherry Blossom trees by helping the Branch Brook Park Alliance fund the planting of 2,000 new trees.
The flowering cherry tree, now residing in the wild meadow garden, is dedicated to the Brookes family of gardeners who planted trees and shrubs in Ropner Park.
I WAS saddened and bewildered to see the destruction of the pink flowering cherry trees on Lawson Road.
I'm told it's a Japanese flowering cherry and today it's looking its best.
IN March 1984 what convinced us to buy our house in Sewall Highway was the combination of smooth footpaths, broad lawns and beautiful flowering cherry trees.
I've spied my first winter flowering cherry breaking out on gnarled stems.