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any of several shrubs or trees of the genus Prunus cultivated for their showy white or pink single or double blossoms

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Developers of the Hayes Apartments - 304 units ranging from studios to split-level duplexes arranged in seven blocks above the pounds 675m scheme - said the "havens" would have lawns, decked areas and lush green landscaping that will include spring-flowering magnolia trees, winter flowering cherries and daffodils.
Also noteworthy in this category are the flowering cherries, peaches and almonds.
The collection of trees, including willows and flowering cherries, were a feature of the picturesque lakeside setting at Aston University's campus near the city centre.
And a few older projects are finally resulting in releases: the shrub breeding program just named two new lilacs, 'Old Glory' and 'Declaration,' and two new flowering cherries, 'First Lady' and 'Dream Catcher.
The tree photographed here, a fine old weeping variety, is among the five dozen kinds of flowering cherries in the arboretum's collection.
A Many flowering cherries are outstandingly beautiful with masses of white to pink flowers clustered on the stem.
You could try flowering currant and I know it works with the winter flowering cherries.
This is one of the prettiest of all flowering cherries, and has an Award of Garden Merit (AGM) from the Royal Horticultural Society.
Redbud blooms before the heart-shaped leaves emerge, flowering cherries such as Kwanzan have pink double blooms in clusters; "Hally Jolivette" has flowers that change from pink to white; or the autumn-flowering Higan Cherry, which blooms spring and fall.
Trees in the squares will include spring-flowering magnolias, pines, multi-stem birches and winter flowering cherries.
CUT off damaged or diseased branches on flowering cherries, wiping the blade with meths to prevent infection.
Two freshly-planted flowering cherries were destroyed in the same night, less than a week after they were planted outside the shops on Burnham Avenue, Llanrumney, Cardiff.
In addition there is an unusual circular garden and an ornamental section with camellias, scented English roses and flowering cherries.