flowering almond

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Synonyms for flowering almond

deciduous Chinese shrub or small tree with often trilobed leaves grown for its pink-white flowers

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woody oriental plant with smooth unfurrowed red fruit grown especially for its white or pale pink blossoms

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5Spray peaches, nectarines, apricots and flowering almond with a garden fungicide for the control of peach leaf curl which causes horrible red blotches and twisting of the leaves if left uncontrolled.
The bus had been on an excursion to the north-western Tras-os-Montes region to see flowering almond trees and was on its way back to Castelo de Paiva when disaster struck.
THIS marvellous creation, a cross between Prunus Tenella and Prunus Glandulosa (Albo Plena), has produced the best dwarf flowering Almond ever.
Rose of Sharon, flowering almond, forsythia, Japanese quince, lilac, pomegranate, spiraea, and wisteria in both vine and tree forms.
Plant species included in the ban on planting are peach, nectarine, apricot, cherry and plum fruit trees, as well as many ornamental and flowering fruit trees and shrubs such as purple leaf plum, sand cherry, flowering almond and flowering cherry.