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Synonyms for flowering

Synonyms for flowering

the time and process of budding and unfolding of blossoms

a developmental process


having a flower or bloom

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Regarding these or any other flowering plants, there is one rule that cannot be repeated often enough: Fertilize before you plant.
The so-called Japanese flowering apricot (Prunus mume) is considered by some to be the most fascinating flowering fruit tree for Southern California gardens.
Self heating may have been an early innovation that arose soon after the invention of flowering.
For more than a century, biologists have puzzled over the ways that the pollinators could shape the evolution of flowering.
The national competition of houses, villages and cities is organized by the National Committee for the Flowering of France (Comite National pour le Fleurissement de la France), hand in hand with the regions, departments and communities.
Rest assured, blue hibiscus does not get giant white fly like the more common tropical hibiscus so this pest is not a limiting factor in its flowering.
As part of an effort to place parasitic species in the family tree of flowering plants, dePamphilis' team has sequenced two mitochondrial genes from 161 plant species, including 2 of Rafflesia.
The roots of both vines should be kept mulched, or at least sun-protected, to ensure abundant flowering.
Who gets to be the dad of the next generation of mountain laurels--showy flowering shrubs that grow in eastern U.