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Synonyms for flower

Synonyms for flower

the showy reproductive structure of a plant

a condition or time of vigor and freshness

the superlative or most preferable part of something


to bear flowers

to be in one's prime

Synonyms for flower

a plant cultivated for its blooms or blossoms

Related Words

the period of greatest prosperity or productivity

produce or yield flowers

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Ceratostigma (hardy plumbago) which I have reguarded in the past as an early autumn flowerer has already the first of the brilliant blue flowers which made it so attractive.
It's a late-summer flowerer when there are few other plants around to rival it for colour.
This one's a reliable repeat flowerer, even in a shady spot.
One of the most striking cultivars available is Sahin's Early Flowerer.
June is the month when roses give their best display and this year looks like being one of the best for Britain's favourite garden flowerer.
Caryopteris is particularly valuable as it's a late-season shrub with all the hazy fullness of a summer flowerer.
One each of viticella Polish Spirit, montana Pink Perfection, an early flowerer, and montana Grandiflora (white) - three plants for pounds 7.
It is frost hardy when in flower, has a neat, compact habit and is a very free flowerer and heavy cropper.
Purissima' ( a creamy white early flowerer of about 18in.
Another excellent summer flowerer is Viburnum sargentii but the top performer is Viburnum opulus which puts on a dramatic show of tightly packed pom-poms in June.
Potentilla `Etna' - a dark red small, but abundant flowerer.
The Polish trumpeter is something of a late flowerer, achieving greater stature with each release.
Iceberg'- reliable, constant flowerer, not noted for its scent
It is a bit of a later flowerer so you have a foliage display through early summer with the blooms appearing in late August and September.