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erect leafless flower stalk growing directly from the ground as in a tulip


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Efficient production of protocorm-like bodies and plant regeneration from flower stalk explants of the sympodial orchid Epidendrum radicans.
They are usually bought as dry bulbs, which after being potted and watered in, send up a long flower stalk with buds at the end, then strappy leaves.
Start with some of your favorite garden flowers: echinacea, which I value as a medicinal herb, can easily be propagated from the dried seed-heads, clearly visible ms a black, spiny crown on the dried flower stalk.
To keep them blooming well, don't just deadhead spent flowers, chop back the flower stalk.
Take care to leave a little of the old flower stalk intact as next year's buds grow from the base of the previous year's flower spike.
By cutting the flower stalk from the underground bulb, we were able to stimulate seed production in certain garlic strains," says Philipp W.
Imagine my surprise therefore when I returned from a weekend away to find that it had sprouted a 5ft flower stalk and with such force as to break the glass overhead.
They may be all right but reject bulbs that have developed a flower stalk.
Nigel was away for the weekend when his Mexican Agave Americana Century Plant put on a six-foot spurt, sending a flower stalk with 3,000 blossoms through the glass.
6m (5ft) flower stalk with such force as to break the roof of the glasshouse.
Watch out for flowering stems and break these off as soon as you can to stop all the plant's energy from going into the flowers and the flower stalk.
In most cases, plants will send up a new flower stalk later in the season.