flower power

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a counterculture of young people in the US during the 1960s and 70s

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All we can say is, more flower power to the brand in the years to come
And in the restless patchouli-scented epicentre of swinging London, flower power and hippiedom that King's Road became, the shop sold Breuer's Bauhaus chairs in tubular steel, Castiglioni's curving Arco lamp designed for Flos, and Le Corbusier's Grand Confort.
WHETHER it be floral print skirts, colourful corsages or bags and accessories adorned with flower appliques, flower power is in.
FLOWER POWER "One of my colleagues recently moved into a new parish," writes the Tablet's columnist Pastor Ignotus (Sept.
A difference in plumage color hints that one sex has more flower power, Bleiweiss says.
Well, flower power aside, they weren't that radical; the mistake is ours.
There are bound to be old fans and the usual skeptical voyeurs turned off by the switch from funky girl power to electronic flower power, the evolution from a brazenly pointed sexuality to an amorphous, motherhood-inspired spirituality that sees the divine in everything, even heartbreak.
7-11 FASHION & BEAUTY Style stays in the jeans, while BHS is blooming with flower power for elegant summer events and Craig helps you stay looking fab in your 50s like Kim Cattrall, right.
The annual Rosie's Walk was held at Aldridge Airfield, in Bosty Lane, with many of those taking part in the one and three-mile walks embracing the flower power theme.
COVENTRY AA patrol man Matthew Brown will be bringing a touch of flower power to the streets this summer.
Spring is here so it's time to work the flower power trend.
Travel Business Review-30 April 2010-Washington Marriott Offers Flower Power Washington, DC Hotel Package(C)2010 ENPublishing - http://www.
There is certainly no need to worry about the lack of flower power outside when you can create your own in-house floral paradise.