flower petal

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part of the perianth that is usually brightly colored


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That led a scientist early in the century to hypothesize that blue flower petals were caused by alkaline flower cell sap.
In this study it was estimated the total anthocyanin, [beta]-carotene, and chlorophyll content in flower petals of the orchids: M.
Keep all your precious memories in a flower petal photo album.
The steel-framed porte cochere is shaped like a giant flower petal representative of the forces of nature.
Fireblight enters the tree by way of the flower petal nectaries and is spread by pruning shears.
8 inch such as a tiny insect resting on a flower petal.
The Macro Mode allows users to take close up photographs to capture details like dewdrops on a flower petal.
Through its unique, patented embossing technology, Speaking Roses can print messages directly on flowers while preserving the integrity of the flower petal.
After he recovers from the reprimand, the pod casing and flower petals are removed.
A NEW vessel was launched on the Clyde yesterday - in a shower of flower petals instead of the traditional champagne.
Cut the edges of a paper plate to look like flower petals, Color the center of the flower.
Marvi Memon was warmly received and flower petals were showered on her vehicle.
walking on a red carpet behind several young maidens throwing flower petals from diamondencrusted gold bowls.
Aromas of fresh cut grass and flower petals, together with some caramel.
Earlier on arrival in Karachi large number of PML leaders and workers welcomed Ch Shujat Hussain, chanted slogans and showered flower petals on him.