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a shortened compact cluster of flowers so arranged that the whole gives the effect of a single flower as in clover or members of the family Compositae

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Take off any flower heads produced in the first year.
Hamburg, a big bush with large flower heads of bluish-pink.
Picking the flower heads now preserves their dark colour and ensures the flowers will stay attached to the stalk once dried.
For the flower head, cut two 1-inch circles from thin cardboard.
Buy your roses when the flower head is still tight so that you can enjoy the changing beauty of the rose as the petals open out to reveal its full glory.
You can tell that the seeds are ready for picking when most of the petals have dropped and the back of the flower head is brown.
The flowers can then be air-dried in small bunches of 3 or 4 flower heads or a single large flower head held with rubber bands.
Some varieties can grow nearly twelve feet tall, with a flower head that measures one foot across
Wild carrot is easy to spot from the road because the white umbrella flower head stands out among the other plants.
A solitary inflorescence, the flower head, tops the stem.
To keep birds and squirrels from feeding on seeds, cover each flower head with burlap, cheesecloth, or a paper bag as soon as the petals begin to fall.
Each flower head is actually made up of nearly 2,000 little flowers to maximise the familiar seed production.
Sometimes all you need to do is shake the flower head and the seed will scatter from the pod, collecting in the bottom of the bag.
They are green - I love green flowers - and there are several to each flower head.
After flowering, I would simply remove the flower head as you don't want the plant to put energy into producing seeds - just let the stalk die back which will feed the bulb.