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a shortened compact cluster of flowers so arranged that the whole gives the effect of a single flower as in clover or members of the family Compositae

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If you want to collect seeds from a plant, remember not to deadhead it after flowering - or at least leave some of the flower heads to mature before removing.
The flower head is not just one flower, but actually consist of many individual flowerets which mature and dry into seeds, usually by the hundreds, on a receptacle base.
Easy-to-use illustrated wildflower guides ask their users to note leaf shape and attachment as well as flower head color and configuration.
4)--Cover the flower heads with another paper towel.
To refresh faded blooms with a natural look, lightly spray or mist the flower heads with Just for Flowers, a spray tint by Design Master, available in fresh green, lilac, rose pink, and hydrangea blue.
Use - The fresh flower heads can be battered and fried like fritters.
A solitary inflorescence, the flower head, tops the stem.
They are green - I love green flowers - and there are several to each flower head.
To keep birds and squirrels from feeding on seeds, cover each flower head with burlap, cheesecloth, or a paper bag as soon as the petals begin to fall.
A two-inch wild teasel flower head can have 600-750 flowers; a three-inch head 1,000-1,200 flowers.
Carefully clip straggly stems back to the first pair of leaves below the flower head - to prevent the plant putting energy into producing seed.
Sometimes all you need to do is shake the flower head and the seed will scatter from the pod, collecting in the bottom of the bag.
Each flower head becomes a plateau composed of tens of smaller florets, which in turn are made up of myriad tiny flowers.
It has outer petals of the most delicate yellow and the central flower head of an intense buttercup yellow.