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a woman who sells flowers in the street

a young girl who carries flowers in a (wedding) procession

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In British royal weddings, flower girls usually wear long silk dresses with puff sleeves and a sash tying in a big bow at the back.
Before the fitting, the flower girls were playful with dad Hayden, who kept them entertained:
Flower Girl London has been up and running for a couple of years and I source as much of my stock as I can from British suppliers.
The bridesmaids wore pink and ivory, while the flower girls were dressed in light ivory.
Reasonably priced, the wands are perfect for flower girls who would like to wave them on the wedding day and take them home as souvenirs,” says a spokesperson of Wedding and Christmas Belles on the occasion of the newest product launch.
The girls acted as flower girls and were just the best.
There is so much to do before their aunty Sarah is married: The habibti (grandchildren) will help Tayta (grandmother) with the cooking, visit the dress makers, dance at the brides pre wedding party and practice being flower girls 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3; the timing has to be perfect
GIRL POWER: Flower girls from the Chinese community centre on Duke Street helped hundreds of other children perform a show at the Empire Theatre on February 6, 1982
250+ Bridal dressings, 250+ Flower Girls and 150+ Tuxedos.
They were followed down the aisle by Hayley's nieces, Logan, three, and Libby, six, and cousin Aimee, also six, as flower girls, and her nephews Curtis, eight, Callum, 10, and Connor, 11.
He had a boyish yet prin-cely bearing throughout--courtly interaction with the little flower girls in Act One and the six princesses in Act Two; clear mime whenever required; clean dancing; and his profound grief when he realizes that Odette is forever doomed and that he must live with what he has done shone in Kent Stowell's idiosyncratic and satisfying conclusion to the ballet.
Some were accompanied by friends modeling as bridegrooms, bridesmaids and flower girls.
Kyle Garner; "with this ring"; Tamara Jenkins; Sherri Vitale with dad Dick Vitale: Zoe Goldfine; Octavio Cavalcanti at his daughter Laura's wedding; Courtney and Eric Rosenthal; wedding dress; flower girls at Ed and Becca Eiland's wedding; Kristin Lorca takes a final look.
com - the largest searchable gallery of gowns online with over 20,000 wedding gown images along with styles for moms, maids and flower girls.
A Justin Alexander dress from Wedding Belles and Beaus of York Bridesmaids/flower girls: Leanne Stirrat, groom's daughter, 33, Sophie Scotter, 23 (fiancee of bride's son Craig) and flower girls Lilly Stirrat, five, and Daisy Stirrat, two (groom's grandaughters).