flower garden

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a garden featuring flowering plants

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In th' flower gardens out there things will be stirrin' down below in th' dark.
You need not be afraid, Miss Elliot, of your own sweet flower gardens being neglected.
A successful white flower garden relies on a medley of green leaves to add contrast and dimension.
With asparagus ferns, your flower garden will turn into a showpiece and your home will be graced with bouquets that look like they came from the florist.
Employing young people, they created a 25-acre community vegetable, fruit, and flower garden, managed the 1,500-acre town forest for firewood and maple syrup, and developed a 65-mile trail system.
Back home now, the rig holds a flower garden in summer and a Christmas tree during the holidays.
When Miss Strawbridge opened the door, Aly said, "I wondered if Rachel would like to have lunch in the shed with me and then write poetry in my flower garden.
Written in a distinctly personal voice, the book covers a lot of territory very readably, even if Johnson does flit from topic to topic like a butterfly in a flower garden.
But why bother seeking out them out when you can take along a little flower garden of your own in your golf hat.
A Troublesome Creek Kids Story: The Munched-Up Flower Garden by Nancy Kelly Allen and featuring illustrations by K.
The pictorial images present a flower garden which bursts into bloom with over 325 gorgeous flowers presented in a high definition format with customizable audio track that features nature sounds, classical guitar, classical music, or a combination of music and SFX.
This flower garden in a box will make a great present.
You may not have room to grow even a fraction of the several thousand varieties of crocus, narcissus, daffodil, tulip and hyacinth found at Keukenhof, but you can still create a vibrant flower garden in late winter and early spring by planting now.
Triumph offers a convenient and affordable flower garden collection, which contains the seed to grow such gardens.