flower cluster

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an inflorescence consisting of a cluster of flowers

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This instrument was pretested with a member of the flower cluster (not included in our sample).
For tomato plants without any starter solutions, increasing dose of HA up to 1500 mg L-1, generally decreased the number of leaves up to first flower cluster i.
In Kenya, for example, the cut flower cluster alone has an estimated farm employment of 350 workers for small scale farms, between 500-1000, for medium scale farms and between 1000-2000 workers for large scale farms, while the average employee per firm is between 250-6000 across 24 large firms (Bolo, 2007).
Eggs are laid singly, rather than in masses like the LBAM or omnivorous leafroller, on smooth surfaces of developing flower clusters in spring, and on berries during the second and third generations.
You can gather and dip the whole flower cluster in batter, and fly it, producing a wholesome pancake.
For example, wild carrot has one single blue/ purple flower in the center of the flower cluster, the root has a carrot smell, and it prefers a dry growing environment.
The stand has the typical Art Nouveau organic flowering style with five-petal flower cluster and piercing, with brass sleeve cut glass inkwells.
1) A Scottish or Irish word for a funeral song or dirge; 2) A flower cluster with stalks proportional in length to form a flat head; 3) A piece of bread, swallowed at a trial, thought to prove the guilt of an accused person if lodged in the throat.
The fruit occurs in clusters at the terminal end of the stem, and the cluster forms a pyramidal or triangular shape, much like the flower cluster.
When buying a poinsettia, look for little or no yellow pollen showing on the flower clusters in the centre of the coloured bracts.
The pink flower clusters of 'Morning Light' Japanese silver grass (above; top left) and the strawgold plumes of 'Karl Foerster' feather reed grass (top right) add movement and color.
We have identified four recessive mutants that lead to reduced and uneven flower clusters," said Pu Huang, Ph.
Likewise, at bloom, cap fall in flower clusters does not always occur at the same time, which, in turn, is related to asynchronous softening and color development during veraison.
auriculata, grows up to 6m (20ft), producing flower clusters up to 15cm (6in) across.
This evergreen (pot-grown plants supplied), produces fragrant, white flower clusters which emerge from pink buds from December to May.