flower cluster

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an inflorescence consisting of a cluster of flowers

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Rihanna - Neil Lane/Diamond in the Rough - Diamond Bracelet (Neil Lane), Diamond Flower Cluster Stud Earrings (Neil Lane), Rough Diamond Rings (Diamond in the Rough)
1) A Scottish or Irish word for a funeral song or dirge; 2) A flower cluster with stalks proportional in length to form a flat head; 3) A piece of bread, swallowed at a trial, thought to prove the guilt of an accused person if lodged in the throat.
Pink to rose flower clusters in late winter and early spring.
In fact, the rhododendron is a large woody shrub with thick, leathery dark green leaves and dense clusters of blooms; individual flower clusters may resemble, from a distance, oversize roses.
The heavy flower clusters on light canes make it weep gracefully.
These so-called ``Jungle Jewels'' (Globba winitii) have pendulous flower clusters beneath handsome green and maroon leaves.
Grows to a height of 2 1/2 feet with large domed-shaped flower clusters that are deep rose, turning coppery as the season advances.
Homestead,'' a deep violet Verbena cultivar, has the longest, fattest flower clusters of all.
Their roundish, pink to purple flower clusters are spaced along their stalks like so many pom-poms.
In addition to the familiar blue, red, pink, and white globular flower clusters of garden hydrangea (H.
There is no cooler blue than the one this plant brings - with its plethora of cerulean flower clusters - to the summer garden.
Long (to 18 inches), pendulous ropes of red flower clusters.
Bluebeard (Caryopteris species) has airy, long-lasting, scented, true blue flower clusters and aromatic foliage.
sinensis) produce 1-foot-long flower clusters in midspring before foliage expands.
This evergreen (pot-grown plants supplied), produces fragrant, white flower clusters which emerge from pink buds from December to May.