flower child

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someone who rejects the established culture

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The Burridge family's homebred gelding was the first foal out of Flower Child, herself the product of Following Dessie's win in the 1986 King George VI Chase, Burridge summed up his achievement by saying: "I'm only glad I didn't take the advice of the breeding expert who told me to shoot Flower Child and buy myself a decent mare.
There is a certain timeless quality about Donovan, despite his flower child lyrics and mystical themes.
A little bit flower child, a little more rock 'n' roll, funky Crocs Footwear is setting a stylish pace.
As a former flower child, I abhor violence under most circumstances, but the lady in this tongue-and-cheek description of a TV commercial may not share my disposition toward speakers of insulting remarks.
Singer Annette Strean is a sort of geeky flower child in yellow dress and nerdy specs, while guitarist and keyboard player Tony Miracle is like an ironic game show host in his shiny silver jacket.
This erstwhile flower child came back to Canada to act in Richard Benner's Outrageous in which he had a substantial role opposite Craig Russell and Hollis McLaren.
From a direct mail offer from a business called Grasshopper Flats: "Were you a flower child of the sixties?
Thirty years later, the flower child turned flower farmer is still out front pushing for agrarian reform, but now he is doing it from his seat in Congress.
Someone asked me once if I was a flower child because I had a red carnation in my hair and I said, `Yes', because I'd seen a Panorama documentary about them.
There is clearly a generation gap here, and as one who is 50 years old, I am also still a flower child and a romantic environmentalist and proud of it
In San Francisco she finds the ex-hippie flower child whom she presumes is her"Bio-Mom" and, Electra-like, abets her murder, as well as has sex with the man she believes is her "Bio-Dad.
As a flower child of the late 60s, I have always been deeply saddened by the way our dreams and ideas for a better world were shattered by the violence and hatred Black Power and Vietnam spawned.
Love alone dictates the arrangements and content of family life" Hey, call me a flower child, but that doesn't sound so bad to me.