flower bud

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a bud from which only a flower or flowers develop

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Flower Bud Greetings can help support any marketing campaign for any size company.
A The flower buds of this spring-flowering clematis were formed last summer and were destroyed by the hard frost.
Summer pruning slows the rate of growth and encourages flower buds to form for next year.
The carbs, sugars and starches are the fuel that manufactures flower buds, flowers, fruit and seeds.
Summer pruning encourages plenty of flower buds to form for next year.
But head gardener Averil Milligan said: "We had noticed in June that this tree was making flower bud growth.
TO increase the size of your dahlia blooms remove the side buds that are forming around the larger terminal flower bud.
Ingredients: 1 candle (red for passion/pink for romance), 1 rosebud or other flower bud, drops of water, 1 jar of clear honey.
This will tidy up the plant, encourage it to put energy into producing flower buds and let more light on to these buds.
Summary: Impressive gardens, flower bouquets and flower buds are scattered on the fairy-tale-like designs of the spring-summer 2015 collection presented by the Beirut-based Maison Al Fazayri.
Don't prune spring flowering shrubs as that removes their flower buds.
And now its swelling flower buds are covered in the softest fur as though they had absorbed the mistiness of the December day.
As the day length shortens and temperatures cool, the plant prepares to set flower buds and bloom.
And from the emerging flower buds, they don't look as if they're about to give up.
Carefully take the flower buds off 10 sprigs of lavender (it is better to harvest the flowers when they are in bud before the flowers open.