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a bed in which flowers are growing

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The side of the house also has lawn and flower beds.
There, behind what remained of the flower beds, sat the steel trap--and this morning, unlike previous mornings, it contained something large and furry.
I WOULD like to add some late colour to my fading flower beds.
Roses will benefit from a gentle pruning now and a hard cut later; Rid flower beds of weeds - then use mulch to keep them at bay
The strewn rubbish was cleared away and flower beds re-dug with dahlias, chrysanthemums, carnations and marigolds.
Barney in tailored red wool, standing in a garden, gazing down at what might be either an unplanted flower bed or a freshly dug grave.
In the flower bed, these plants make handsome companions.
Let Ao for flowering operations: staging of flowers in bowls, flower beds and bedding bloom.
Two flower beds at entry are very nice but that is all.
Former Olympic athlete David Moorcroft was there along with gardening expert Philip Turvil and Garden Organic volunteers to show pupils which plants to use to plant up pots and flower beds in Olympic colours.
WE know that North Tyneside Council has to make savings in its budget but what a shame it is that they have chosen to remove the rose beds and some flower beds from estates in villages in the north west of the borough and replace them with grass.
The rear has lawns, flower beds and patio areas, plus a store room.
A bitter war of the roses has broken out in the Council House where there is much hot air over the leisure department's pruning of its park budget for flower beds.
SCHOOLCHILDREN have been left devastated after "mindless vandals" targeted flower beds they were tending.
SCRUFFY flower beds are spoiling a conservation area according to councillors.