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a bed in which flowers are growing

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The problem here is that you don't want weedkiller around your roses and flower beds as these will be damaged as well.
To the rear there are beautiful landscaped gardens with two separate, large, manicured lawn areas surrounded by an array of mature fruit trees, bushes, shrubbery and flower beds.
They said that flower beds had been prepared on both sides of the Airport Road to give attractive look to the road.
FLOWER beds in the city centre will be getting some extra nutrients ready for this summer - through used coffee grounds from a nearby McDonald's.
A set of raised flower beds designed especially for the residents of an Extra Care Scheme have been weather-proofed for the winter thanks to the Rhyl West Marshals.
In this case, the evidence submitted by the defendant in support of its motion for summary judgment dismissing the complaint established, prima facie, that the terraced nature of the park, including its flower beds and stone walls, did not create an inherently dangerous condition.
What should I do before I install new flower beds and a new lawn?
None of these recipes sounded remotely appetizing enough to attempt, so I decided instead that nay long-term enjoyment of grilling would be better served by ridding myself of the troublesome raccoon, who now appeared every evening at twilight to carry out his own vision of landscape gardening right across most of the flower beds.
As Figures 9-5 and 9-6 illustrate, flower beds are effective as focal points where sidewalks or streets intersect.
Alternatively use them to improve the soil condition of your flower beds.
When flower beds are clear, it's a good idea to mulch them with shredded bark.
It means seeing the same colors and flowers on your blouses and in your vases, in framed prints in your living room, in pots on your porch, and in flower beds around your swimming pool.
For best effects when mixing vegetables into flower beds, cluster plants in groups of three or more.
Projects include sweeping the Major Deegan Expressway, removing graffiti, trash and weeds, painting of lampposts and bridgework, planting of flower beds, and repair of sidewalks and fencing.
AS I think of a municipal park, neatly cut and edged grass and colourful flower beds enter my mind.