flower bed

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a bed in which flowers are growing

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is hoping to have the Weeds Free Flower Bed in full production and available to the public within the very near future.
In this case, the evidence submitted by the defendant in support of its motion for summary judgment dismissing the complaint established, prima facie, that the terraced nature of the park, including its flower beds and stone walls, did not create an inherently dangerous condition.
There, behind what remained of the flower beds, sat the steel trap--and this morning, unlike previous mornings, it contained something large and furry.
This has given the flower bed the reputation of being the most difficult flower planting to design.
For best effects when mixing vegetables into flower beds, cluster plants in groups of three or more.
I know that money is tight but surely a few flower beds could be reinstated so that the lovely summer scents could once again fill the air, and areas of bio-diversity I think are great on roadsides etc, but in a public park I would rather have the roses.
But is becoming more and more difficult for me to cut the lawn as I get older and my wife Shirley said she'd like a flower bed in there.
two people |were due to appear in court after a stolen tractor crashed into flower beds at Bentley Wynd, Yarm
The so-called 'Floozie in the Jacuzzi' fountain is now a flower bed <B
A MERSEYSIDE hospital was blasted for spending thousands of pounds on a flower bed at a time when staff were fundraising for equipment they want for A&E.
STOLEN lead and a laptop stashed in a flower bed have been recovered by the South Wales Police dog section.
A FLOWER bed with a butterfly design made from 6,000 plants has scooped a top award for a North Wales council.
Members of the Lake Balboa Neighborhood Association, with some help from the Los Angeles County Department of Recreation and Parks, spent May 21 planting flowers in a 60-square-foot flower bed on the southeast corner of Louise Avenue and Sherman Way.
He writes: I have been digging over part of my lawn to make a new flower bed and came across amber- coloured grubs that are thin and wiry, and almost an inch long.
Jimmy John Jones had hair of red And liked to nap in the flower bed.