flower bed

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a bed in which flowers are growing

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two people |were due to appear in court after a stolen tractor crashed into flower beds at Bentley Wynd, Yarm
The so-called 'Floozie in the Jacuzzi' fountain is now a flower bed <B
The flower bed is in the front garden of Column Cottage on Bondgate Without, a property rented from the Duke of Northumberland by retired 63-year-old Jane Gowland.
The Weeds Free Flower Bed will be easy to implement and begin using.
The source said: "PS3,500 for a raised flower bed - something nice to look at.
Fifty yards away Ronnie found a pillow case containing a laptop and iPod docking station in a flower bed.
GREEN-fingered park activists are urging the people of Birmingham to reclaim their flower beds before they are grassed over.
One passer-by said: "It looks as if the driver was reversing and didn't know the flower bed was there.
None of these recipes sounded remotely appetizing enough to attempt, so I decided instead that nay long-term enjoyment of grilling would be better served by ridding myself of the troublesome raccoon, who now appeared every evening at twilight to carry out his own vision of landscape gardening right across most of the flower beds.
Is there anything natural that I can put in the flower bed that will keep out the farm?
Lilies of the valley, the perennial favorite for just about every grandmother's flower bed, are getting a new lease on life in the 21st century.
Barney in tailored red wool, standing in a garden, gazing down at what might be either an unplanted flower bed or a freshly dug grave.
In the flower bed, these plants make handsome companions.
I loved the golden anniversary cake flower bed using tiers of gold painted tyres and golden flowers.