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a diagram of the sequence of operations in a computer program or an accounting system

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quickly and easily configure and deploy vision applications by constructing a flowchart instead of writing traditional program code,
The flowchart below shows the decision-making process as the group moves.
Many of the flowcharts require information about the specific license or agreement a particular institution or person has with the copyright holder, so the answers will vary by institution.
The flowchart verdict sheet thus aims to reduce juror confusion through several means: by unlocking the visual-reasoning abilities of jurors, by increasing juror comprehension and decisionmaking, and by presenting the valid decision paths leading to specific outcomes.
The panel, the Consumer Information Subgroup, has posted a flowchart discussion draft on its section of the NAIC's website.
As a further consideration, handwritten flowcharts only from 2004 and pre-printed flowcharts from 2009 were selected to avoid any changes in documentation standards that may have occurred during pre-printed flowchart trials held between 2005 and 2008.
This column provides instructors with step-by-step instructions to minimize their start-up time when assigning flowchart construction.
The online guide and the printable PDF version of the flowchart are available under the "Resources" section of PIANY's Agent & Broker Compensation Disclosure website: www.
In addition to the flowcharts for individual conditions, there is a general flowchart at the beginning of the text that describes the therapeutic order in naturopathic medicine.
The Form 1040NR Foreign National Checklist, Questionnaire, Flowchart (www.
Just follow the procrastination flowchart and waste time in the land of excuses and distractions.
Other features include picture charts for healthcare presentations, hundreds of specialized templates that automate the creation of healthcare graphics, automatic graphic design, flowchart design, express charts, and a one-click copy function that works with Microsoft Office programs, PDFs and other graphic formats.
Unlike other graphics programs that present users with a blank screen and rely on users to draw, SmartDraw uses templates tailored to each specific type of diagram-such as a flowchart.
Appended are: (1) Outcome Measures Definitions; (2) Equipment Report Instructions; (3) Professional Development Activity Flowchart for Instructional Staff; (4) Using the Professional Development Activity Flowchart; (5) Flowchart Examples; (6) New Teacher Orientation; (7) Abbreviations; (8) ICCB Adult Education ABE/ASE/ESL Generic Course List; and (9) ICCB Adult Education and Family Literacy Audit Requirements.