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Synonyms for flowage

gradual internal motion or deformation of a solid body (as by heat)

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a body of water that has been created by deliberately flooding an area

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the act of flooding


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In all cases, the exposed basement rock is metasedimentary rock of the McMillan Flowage Formation, occurring as phyllite in Christopher MacLeod Brook, chlorite schist in Baddeck River, and chlorite-muscovite schist in Big Glen Brook and at least two unnamed tributary brooks draining into it.
Five pairs of loons were monitored in 1995 and 1996 in northern Wisconsin (46[degrees] N, 90[degrees] W) at the Turtle Flambeau Flowage (TFF).
In the case of high shrinkage, flowage (sequential deformation) values are high.
Using this laboratory model two parameters can be controlled--temperature of light bulb (measured by thermistor) and air flowage (measured by vane flowmeter).
Construction in and around wetlands may lead to slope failure and flowage.
Army Corps of Engineers flowage easements along the White River and Beaver Lake.
A pair of bald eagles in northern Wisconsin's sprawling Chippewa Flowage are `mad as hell' because someone's been sleeping in their bed - and he's still there
The court found that the plaintiffs had a viable taking claim of a flowage easement because, by constructing the dam, the government caused the flooding that occurred on the plaintiffs' land.
The mechanisms proposed for the origin of these features include salt flowage, salt solution, and brittle plate gliding.
They understand which one of them has a PRSTO and which has an option, although they might call the option something else, for example, a right-of-way or a flowage right.
Aerial photographs from the pre-impoundment period suggest that the original plant species along the flowage have changed very little in the drier portion of the pond, and those areas holding the deepest water were impacted most.
The new agreement employs the same rate-setting methodology on the airfield, calculating landing fees based on total airfield costs less certain credits (fuel flowage, fixed base operator, ground handling revenues).
At the Lab's launch toward the water, the pup lunges against his collar, but the man firmly pushes his rear back to the ground, focusing the excited pup on the other dog splashing in the shallows and swimming in the oxbow's main flowage.
Flowage differentiation and in-situ differentiation played only minor roles in modifying bulk rock compositions, probably in part due to the turbulent flow of this large dyke that kept it mixed and relatively uniform in composition.
No, the oak-lined banks and smartweed flowage draw mostly painted ducks--shrieking bursts of color bombing confidently over the tips of the forest into watery gaps, searching for a bounty of acorns.