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a diagram of the sequence of operations in a computer program or an accounting system

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The infographic opens with a flow-chart quiz that new entrepreneurs can take, informing them which type of entrepreneurial category they'll fall into once they get their business up and running.
After analysis, the engineer creates an application using the interactive, graphically supported, flow-chart tools and fill-in-the-blank fields that are used to describe data to be collected, stored, or manipulated; actions to be taken in response to activities or user input; and appearance and operation of displays and reports.
Contract notice: Supply of fuel and services through flow-charts for the needs of gpmm.
In particular, elements such as the management commitment, the flow-chart application of process mapping, and customer involvement were noted to be an integral part of the business plan and processes.
The supply can be done in all service stations equipped with a flow-chart system dependent Holder~s market.
And Centri's innovative Policy Builder presents complex security policies in an easily understood, intuitive flow-chart or decision-tree fashion.
Contract for the supply of fuel through flow-charts with service station networks necessary for the operation of services of the National Police of the Department of Reunion (974).