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a diagram of the sequence of operations in a computer program or an accounting system

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The Process Plant design will be on a preliminary basis with enough detail to use as a reference for a planned feasibility study, and will include flow sheet diagrams, general arrangement drawings, specifications and data sheets, and capital and operating cost estimates for the process plant.
The principal steps in the process flow sheet involve desliming the rutile tailings, muscovite (mica) pre-flotation and preferential flotation of sodium feldspars.
Complete detailed flow sheets and Aspen Plus files are provided.
These quantitative outcomes confirm the viability of the proposed process flow sheets - a key step in the advancement of the Wiluna uranium project - and demonstrate overall uranium recovery in the range of 83%-86%.
Once assembly of the equipment was complete, the first step in the process flow sheet involved a crushing and grinding circuit.
A split-stream flow sheet was tested and initial fast-floating copper minerals cleaned separately from slower floating nickel minerals, resulting in a copper concentrate and a nickel rich bulk concentrate.
Tony is familiar with the Charley Creek project having been previously involved in providing technical input to the current process flow sheet.
The extended schedule will allow the company to simplify the Nolans Project flow sheet to focus predominately on production of rare earth products, in order to reduce operating and capital costs and de-risk the proposed Rare Earths Complex at Whyalla.
I recommend that a flow sheet be set up for the CNAs to record how often they are needed to assist residents to assure their safety, thus ensuring sufficient reimbursement.
Previously, inpatient clinical staff updated physicians on patient status by manually assembling vital patient information onto a paper flow sheet for their review, relaying urgent changes in patient status by telephone or transmitting information by fax.
Hall has been advising the Company since 2011 on ruby and pink sapphire plan flow sheet optimization.
Over several years the Company has developed a flow sheet consisting of sulphuric acid leach followed by solvent extraction recovery and refining to produce several products.
CIMM and Cytec will undertake all Stage 1 process development and flow sheet design work.
For example, if flow sheet documentation doesn't work, it should not be the cornerstone of important resident care and reimbursement systems.
The main objective of the current drilling program is to procure samples for metallurgical testwork for the final flow sheet design, selectively validate historical drilling.