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a diagram of the sequence of operations in a computer program or an accounting system

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One major trend noted in on-site testing is this: The plant flow sheet frequently understates the tonnage of coal in the screen drain by a factor of two or more.
Taking into consideration the results obtained we have developed a flow sheet involving the combined process of grinding in the centrifugal-rebound mill and hydrocycling (Fig.
The flow sheet consists of core profile, primary sodium circuit, secondary sodium circuit, and finally, steam water system and electrical system.
Evaluation of the flow sheet and treatment plan will be performed by the primary nurse at three- and six-month intervals and adjustments to the tool will be made as identified with utilization.
Whether you are documenting with a narrative style, using flow sheets or charting by exception, the purpose of documentation is to memorialize what occurred while you took care of your patient and to capture relevant information about the patient's condition and medical history.
The goal was to demonstrate that a depression flow sheet supported by physician instruction, patient education, and diligent follow-up could enable depressed patients to better adhere to treatment.
Bernoulli can automate the ventilator flow sheet process saving significant clinician time.
Each patient had a flow sheet placed in his or her chart that included all the updated ADA guidelines.
Toward this end, the book concludes by walking the reader through the balance sheet, cash flow sheet, and income statement for a fictitious U.
Graphical interface defines stream connectivity directly on flow sheet to facilitate calculation and interpretation of results.
The Simulator features a specially designed graphical interface that defines stream connectivity directly on a flow sheet to facilitate calculation and interpretation of results.
This study therefore tested two instruments we developed, an AAT protocol and an AAT flow sheet (Richeson & McCullough, 2002), that potentially could be used by the CTRS in developing an evidence-based therapeutic recreation practice.
The newest process at Cawse uses LIX 84-I in a flow sheet originally conceived by Cognis and further developed by Cawse.
market in 1998, according to AlliedSignal Fibers' Carpet Flow Sheet Forecast '98, more than 62 percent, or 1.