flow rate

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the amount of fluid that flows in a given time

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In the first test, which was considered standard, six flow rate tests were performed in the same drippers, previously identified, every 100h.
This knowledge gap is significant because it has been suggested that a faster blood flow rate may have a negative impact on the AVF, which may contribute to fistula complications such as venous pseudoaneurysm (Radmili et al.
The values of maximum flow rate, average flow rate, voiding volume, and post-void residue were compared between the different voiding positions.
The mass flow rate can be reduced by 36% with vortex control under the same inlet and outlet conditions.
Salivary flow rate can be obtained with or without stimulus, that is the stimulated and the unstimulate salivary flow.
Therefore, an experimental investigation in the influence of coolant air flow rate, inlet water flow rate and temperature, and type of utilized packing has been accomplished.
Upon completion of the testing, the wells flow rate was recovered up to the initial values.
The traditional engine cooling systems offer a poor regulation capability: the coolant flow rate is fixed by the engine speed, as the standard mechanical pump is connected to the engine crankshaft.
Minimum flow rate for the case of the film brake-up without the air flow was very low, since measured receding contact angle is zero which is an indication of high adhesion between the plate material and the liquid.
This varying amount of liquid flowing into the pipeline can cause a wide variance in flow rate within the pipeline.
2) The effects of venous tubing insulation and infusion flow rate on the infusate temperature rise from the level of the fluid bag to the level of the intravenous cannula at ambient conditions.
There is a need for a low-cost alternative method to calculate the mass flow rate in the chilled and condenser fluid loops, in the absence of water flow meters.
Key Words: Tegewa (The Association of Textile Auxiliaries' Suppliers), Water Flow rate, Absorbency, Cold Pad Batch, Turbulence.