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flow off or away gradually


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This special finishing process ensures that water immediately forms droplets that simply flow off the surface, taking the dissolved dirt and limescale with it.
In full flow off Stuart Hards, 18, from Hythe And Saltwood Sailing Club (Kent), stole the limelight on day four as he stepped up with two wins and a second place spot to see him risefrom third to first.
The intersection was originally wider, and traffic could flow off Route 140 at high rates of speed.
Water is continuing to flow off the plains into swollen rivers, which are expected to rise still further.
As a man who once had boats, I can tell you that the power of the tide flow off some of the Gower headlands is terrific, and we would get this four times a day.
A testament to this are his abstract celadon teapot, liquid enough to be kept in a saucer, lest they flow off the tabletop.
Upstairs the four generous bedrooms flow off the central hall area and include a master bedroom with ensuite.
Dee Wright Observatory: on Yapoah Crater Flow off Highway 242.
There was a fire after the crash, and I just went with the flow off the plane," she said.
Ice sheets, such as those in Antarctica and Greenland, spread under their own weight and flow off land over the oceans.
In the rear, sharp edges and a carefully designed spoiler allow the air to flow off and away quickly.
Originally powered by water, the mill is surrounded by streams and a large pond which flow off to join the River Tay.
Used for rocket-engine testing and nuclear research since the 1940s, the lab has extensive contamination in the soil and groundwater, prompting concern that heavy metal and chemicals could flow off site in surface water.
The drops flow off over the cone and get into the melt zone.
When the Yamato operation opened in 1989, however, scrap iron didn't flow off the barges nearly as quickly.