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the flow of air

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In this presentation, we aim to present computed tomography (CT) features of CVAE resulting from the retrograde flow of air from the mesenteric veins and the portal vein.
Ian Koblick, co-developer and owner of the lodge, said that the flow of air to the Lodge constantly adds oxygen to the entire surrounding body of water, creating a symbiotic relationship between the technology of man and the beauty of nature.
The B3-HZBV's variable speed unit allows players to control the flow of air so that they can use a variety of balls and also adjust the height of the balls.
This is essentially an upperatmospheric flow of air that moves west to east across the Arctic latitudes.
Diseases of the respiratory system can affect the air passages (causing obstruction of the flow of air into or out of the lungs, as in asthma) or can affect the lung tissues (resulting in a poor exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide, as with emphysema).
The vessel had arrived from Thailand, and after noticing a fire, rescue teams (started putting it out), but instead of using the water in traditional manner they are using carbon dioxide to prevent the flow of air into vessel to contain the fire," Tahlawi said.
The Official told Oman News Agency (ONA) that the competent authorities at the Muscat International Airport are currently taking the necessary measures to pull the plane from the end of the runway to ensure the continuing flow of air traffic at the airport.
A continuous flow of air out of the front gladhand's vent leads to corrosion in the gladhand's one-way check valve.
The new technology takes the environmental contribution made by reducing rolling resistance a step further by improving the flow of air around the tires while a vehicle is in motion in order to raise fuel efficiency.
An opening in the window provides access to the door handle and enables the transparent panel to be opened or closed while two slits in the panel ensure a sufficient flow of air to prevent the Twizy's interior from misting up.
The RB211-Gzero power increase is achieved during routine gas turbine overhaul by retrofitting applicable RB211 units with a modular package that increases the flow of air through the engine, www.
The 42-month project is related to further develop the algebraic structure-based turbulence model (ASBM), so that it could integrate into the process of planning planes and helicopters, which encounter erratic and turbulent flow of air, which has important impact on both flight stability and fuel consumption.
The attractive gas-lit ventilation device system was used inside theatres in the early 20th Century to help the better flow of air through the auditorium.
TFMS are designed to track, anticipate and manage the flow of air traffic throughout US airspace.
Sensors along the blade would monitor vibrations; when the blades started to flap, puffs of air would be shot out from jets along the Length of the blade to change the flow of air.