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the flow of air

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The new technology takes the environmental contribution made by reducing rolling resistance a step further by improving the flow of air around the tires while a vehicle is in motion in order to raise fuel efficiency.
An opening in the window provides access to the door handle and enables the transparent panel to be opened or closed while two slits in the panel ensure a sufficient flow of air to prevent the Twizy's interior from misting up.
The RB211-Gzero power increase is achieved during routine gas turbine overhaul by retrofitting applicable RB211 units with a modular package that increases the flow of air through the engine, www.
The third and last chapter discusses Kuwait's air transport market, with emphasis on commercial flight sales and passenger demand, the flow of air freight and logistical capabilities.
The new post-curing method, at the heart of which is a special vacuum oven was developed in cooperation with Eberl Trocknungsanlagen, a drying systems manufacturer in Bodenkirchen, Bavaria, runs at temperatures between 150[degrees] and 200[degrees]C, but, unlike traditional systems, does so at an operating pressure of only 100 millibar, significantly reducing the flow of air required to ventilate the oven chamber.
The 42-month project is related to further develop the algebraic structure-based turbulence model (ASBM), so that it could integrate into the process of planning planes and helicopters, which encounter erratic and turbulent flow of air, which has important impact on both flight stability and fuel consumption.
The attractive gas-lit ventilation device system was used inside theatres in the early 20th Century to help the better flow of air through the auditorium.
TFMS are designed to track, anticipate and manage the flow of air traffic throughout US airspace.
The company says that the clean room complies with cleanness class ISO 5, and is "upheld by the laminar flow principle: there is always a slight overpressure in the room maintained by an ultra-clean turbulence-free flow of air.
The 8262/8263 Series valves come in brass and stainless steel constructions with 1/8-inch, A--inch, and 3/8-inch pipe sizes and are used to control the flow of air, water, light oil and specialty media such as cryogenic fluids, ammonia, oxygen and liquid propane.
Ice formation on aircraft can disrupt the smooth flow of air over the wings and prevent the aircraft from taking off or decrease the pilot's ability to maintain control of the aircraft.
A continuous flow of air through the chamber keeps temperatures from rising significantly in the ambient Z 326.
The Cypriot Minister added that ''there were no problems affecting the flow of air traffic,'' noting that any problems that emerged were dealt with immediately and efficiently.
Aerolume's styling incorporates heat-dissipating fins and ribbed vents that allow the free flow of air around the LED module.
4 Ensure there is a good flow of air in any room you leave your dog in.