Doppler effect

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change in the apparent frequency of a wave as observer and source move toward or away from each other

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The system's two flow meters allow for constant oversight of dispensing ratios.
The Intelligent Flow Meter Market incorporates measurement products used for measuring fluidic phenomenon in wide ranges of industrial applications.
The shutoff valve was closed, the plumbing disconnected, the flow meter installed, and then the plumbing was reconnected.
As differential pressure flow meters have a primary and a secondary element, the primary can be an orifice plate, Venturi, wedge-type, or flow nozzle.
Based on individual client requirements, the MB Flow Master is the first ever fully functional commercial multiphase flow meter to be developed in the Gulf Cooperation Council and possibly in the Middle East and North African (Mena) region.
The report, based on an extensive research study of the global market and the related products industries, which is aimed at identifying the entire market of intelligent flow meter based systems in all the applications.
Dave Adkin, Victrex Polymer Solutions market development manager for UK and Ireland, concluded: "The excellent inherent physical and chemical properties of Victrex Peek polymer made it an ideal material of choice for Titan's innovative Atrato flow meter application.
The Smart Flow Meter uses the principle of force = mass x acceleration.
The vortex flow meter uses ultrasonic technology to measure tiny vortices that form when media in the pipe move across a strut.
Toshiba inspected 419 units of coal-fired power plants for which the company sold flow meter equipment or conducted flow meter tests in Japan from Feb.
Resin producers and high-volume compounding operations are the targets for a new smaller model of the Smart Flow Meter from K-Tron Feeder Group, Pitman, N.
Known as the PiKo Electronic Peak Flow Meter, it allows asthma sufferers to check their condition at home.
The series 730 Accu-Mass flow meter features CE approval and a small footprint of 6.
The actual water flow is checked through a flow meter feedback and a control loop.
Designed to measure liquids in a wide range of industries including the petroleum, chemical, agricultural and food processing, the flow meter provides 0.