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be the result of


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Ratings concerns mainly center on the potential uses of the aforementioned strong and consistent free cash flow (defined as cash flow from operations minus capital spending), capitalized development costs, and dividends.
The indirect method starts with net income and adjusts it for revenue and expense items that were not the result of operating cash transactions in the current period, to reconcile it to net cash flow from operating activities.
Cash flow from operations is an often untapped resource that can be a key competitive advantage in many industries," said Jack Pacheco, CFO at Smart Modular Technologies, a leading electronic components manufacturer.
1 million in after-tax cash flow from the investment, it can generate $84.
NYSE: CDN) (Nasdaq: CDN) today announced that a new design production flow from Japan's Semiconductor Technology Academic Research Center (STARC), developed using Cadence technology, has delivered 50 percent reduction in power consumption on designs.
Given the outlook for improving revenue across most businesses and a halt in the negative working capital trend in the first half, SPX's forecast for cash flow from operations (defined by Fitch to exclude the effect of accounts receivable sales) in the second half of 2004 appears attainable at roughly $400 million, similar to the second half of 2003 (excluding approximately $60 million of pretax cash proceeds in 2003 from the Microsoft settlement).
The new pDfx-Compliant flow from Magma is another in a long line of its innovations," said Michael Buehler-Garcia, vice president of DFM at PDF Solutions.
The new cash flow analytics module allows CFOs and other finance executives to utilize a business intelligence dashboard to set KPIs for cash flow from receivables and monitor trends in real-time.