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a diagram of the sequence of operations in a computer program or an accounting system

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For example, the instructor could ask students to draw a process using both data flow diagrams and activity diagrams.
Similarly, the checklist and flow diagram cannot provide a cookbook approach to studies.
In turn, this would make discussion of the data flow diagram with either team-mates or clients difficult.
The new Hammer Regression Pack(TM) makes it possible for application developers to automatically generate and execute a complete set of feature/function tests for complex IVR applications from a simple call flow diagram.
Its Processing Web Editor is used to connect the equalizer and Virtual Probing elements in an intuitive signal flow diagram layout.
The designs usually comprise a process flow diagram, a major equipment list, material and energy balances, as well as capital and operating cost estimates.
The order includes delivery systems continuously regulate and control flow control pumping gas by controlling the compression process, establish a work flow diagram for the installation of the delivered systems and supervision during installation and commissioning of the systems that will be installed two number GMQ 10 GKNAM to regulate the amount blown in UGS ~UGS~ natural gas.
The firm requesting the quote starts by creating a process flow diagram (PFD) or flowsheet, from which datasheets, normally in.
The Information Flow Diagram (Figure 2) is a flow-chart style diagram depicting battle rhythm events as color-coded nodes situated along planning horizons with input and output relationships as connections.
Quest says its Instance Monitor allows database administrators to view a graphical flow diagram, which illustrates the real-time rate data movement between database components such as storage, memory and database network traffic.
The product flow diagram of a specific manufacturing environment may include divergence points, convergent assembly points, and divergent assembly points.
Hammer CallFlow Designer freeware provides for call flow diagram creation that can be imported directly into CallMaster, which uses path generation technology to find paths through the application and test all application call flow objects.
16 The number of participants satisfying the criteria for inclusion that did or did not or the reference undergo the index tests and/ standard; describe why participants failed to receive either test (a flow diagram is strongly recommended).
This vision was captured originally in a simple flow diagram outlining how we expected barcoding to be used in our manufacturing and assembly process.