flow chart

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a diagram of the sequence of operations in a computer program or an accounting system

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If a flow chart can be produced you should consider how complex it is and how difficult it would be to remove or add a few more conditions.
Due to the advanced instructions embedded in our flow chart programming, the software allowed search logic of the 4,000 system elements within one scan," said Dave Gee, VP of Engineering for Steeplechase.
OSHA's PRCS Decision Flow Chart leads to the following three conclusions:
The flow chart on page 65 illustrates the accounting for endowment fund investments under FASB Statement no.
Users can also purchase the Wasteland and Eastern Wasteland maps, the Mission Flow Chart, the RAGE Frenzy Card Game Tutorial with card list locations, and the Engineering Schematics table separately or bundled together.
We wanted to find a way of making the information easy to understand, and a flow chart seemed the best way to achieve our goal.
The user interface is designed so that a molding cycle can be configured step by step simply by stringing together a number of predefined symbols (with explanatory text, if desired J in the form of a flow chart.
Neither the chart on page 13 nor the flow chart on page 14 addresses this issue.
He says he is still proud of his elaborate exhibit, "which I called my Flow Chart.
R) has announced another successful major installation of its PC-based control and flow chart programming software.
Develop a system flow chart for more immediate recovery of lost aids
For preparation of a final compound including cure package, the flow chart in figure 2 shows the described process on which this article is concentrated.
He suggested breaking down accidents into a cause-and-effect flow chart.
There is also information on how each flow chart should be used, what each subclause requires, documents required by the subclause, and questions that every internal audit team needs to ask when assessing the QMS for conformance with the subclause.
VPM is said to be the first totally graphical, icon-based machine-vision interface, it is said to cut programming time by weeks replacing complicated menus or complex codes with a set of graphical software tools that are dragged and dropped into a flow chart representing the inspection process.