flow away

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flow off or away gradually


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If we get full flow away, we will stay in the seam and look for crossers.
O in soil water tended to flow away from the clear-cut site to natural seeps, where it then was emitted into the air.
Digestion takes blood flow away from muscles, which could make any exercise more difficult.
In the course of reviewing the condition of the tailings launder last week, El Teniente diverted the fresh tailings flow away from the Company's plant for a period of seven days.
You can also see that flow to B and S is flow away for W.
On such occasion, one may also ask who we in Wales will be accusing of poor management of our resources in allowing such vast quantities of a valuable commodity to flow away from our country without it being paid for?
On flow away, the two front players will count 1-1,000, 2-1,000 and then sprint to the designated circle.
Elaine Barnett, the institute's economic adviser, says: "Whether the problem lies with the preference of UK companies to invest overseas or the need to divert cash flow away from investment and into dividend payments or some other factor, the net result is to put at risk the long-term future of more parts of British manufacturing industry.
In addition to expanding WPZ's portfolio of fee-based gathering activities, the acquisition diversifies WPZ's cash flow away from the potentially unstable Gulf of Mexico region.
Homes are designed to shed water and for it to flow away from the home, so the critical areas are windows and doors.
Water loaded with any dissolved substance has what physiologists call lower osmotic potential, a decreased tendency to flow away.
Our contractors attended and carried out works to the drainage system and also dug a trench from the drain to redirect the flow away from Ms Rice's property.
These areas provide the best exposure to sunlight, and the gently sloping hills permit cold air to flow away from vines, thereby protecting them from mild freezes.
I want to know what has caused this, is there a structural problem or it is caused by blockages and the water cannot flow away.
The aid to Pakistan should be a long-term and well-coordinated one since problems will emerge after flood waters begin to flow away.