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You may melt your metals and cast them into the most beautiful moulds you can; they will never excite me like the forms which this molten earth flows out into.
COMPETITIVE SCENARIO II-22An Overview II-22Table 4: Leading Players in the Global Flow Cytometers Market(2013): Percentage Breakdown of Value Sales for BectonDickinson and Company (BD), Danaher/ Beckman Coulter, andOthers (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-23BD's Cell Sorters and Analyzers Portfolio II-23Beckman's Cell Sorters and Analyzers Portfolio II-23Select Flow Cytometers Offered by Other Leading Players II-24Leading Software Providers II-24Flow Cytometry Data Analysis - Related Software by SelectCompanies II-24Popular Cell Sorters in the Market II-25CAT to Develop Custom Reagents for Flow Cytometry II-25
The flow conditions dictate how the liquid phase is dispersed throughout the pipe.
Even when injection speed into the mold is constant, flow velocity changes.
In the current stud> we sought to identify some important elements that may promote flow states among instrumental musicians.
Before the dam moderated the Colorado's flow, water temperatures in the Grand Canyon ranged from O[degrees]C in the winter to 30[degrees]C in the summer.
The second "money question" you must ask when processing, arranging or applying for a mortgage is whether the client has enough demonstrable positive cash flow to make timely mortgage payments.
Right now, we don't fully understand all the interactions that control skin blood flow during heat stress in healthy young people," says study coauthor Brett Wong, a doctoral student in the Department of Human Physiology at the University of Oregon in Eugene.
One increasingly popular avenue for companies is to "securitize" projected cash flows to raise money from the capital markets.
Real time X-ray video and modern flow simulations are confirming the strong influence that splashing, air entrainments, surface turbulence and other flow characteristics have on the formation and severity of defects.
An axial (or propeller) pump, on the other hand, will give a high ns value and is chosen when a large flow is to be pumped at a low head.
Cash flow is the amount and consistency of funds flowing through a business during a given period.
Those who seek to maximize their sports performance understand that the breath is the first indication whether an athlete is in a peak performance flow state.
The key to multiple fronts lies in the ability of the linebackers to fill their assigned gap according to flow.