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Synonyms for flout



Synonyms for flout

to refuse or fail to obey

Synonyms for flout

treat with contemptuous disregard

laugh at with contempt and derision

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New Delhi [India], Mar 5 ( ANI ): Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) on Monday suspended seven wrestlers for a period of one year for flouting age limit and representing a different state, without obtaining a No-Objection Certificate (NOC) from their parental state.
Outlets caught flouting rules are slapped fines ranging in thousands of dirhams and the spoilt food stuff seized from the food outlets are destroyed, the officials added.
More than 100 warnings were also issued to other salons caught flouting rules.
We visit Longsands a few times per week and at no time have we seen any dog owner flouting this law, the beach is always spotless.
In response to concerns raised we'll be carrying out an operation in the coming weeks to identify those flouting the law and taking enforcement action.
Summary: A grenade was thrown at the Abu Ali roundabout during a protest in Tripoli Monday, flouting the tentative calm in the northern city.
The state attorney general in New York has accused HSBC of flouting laws on mortgage foreclosures.
Yet the Karachi University administration is known to be openly flouting these directives by retaining, backing director finance Zafar Abbas, senior accounts officer Jilani aging more than 62 years, registrar Dr.
By flouting a maxim, the speaker conveys more than what is said through 'implicature'.
BAR owners have been urged to check they have the right planning permission after a Dudley venue boss was found guilty of flouting enforcement notices.
Furher investments will be carried on by revani by enforcement directorate (ED) officials and he may be booked for flouting the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA).
We refer to 'Firms face fines for flouting work ban' (GDN, August 6).
It says bus operators have raised concerns that motorists have been flouting the bus lane and that drivers of unauthorised vehicles not only flout the law but can also affect road safety by making unexpected movements.
BTS President delivered speeches haranguing and instigated protestors and inciting them against the political regime, flouting the real voluntary and lofty goals of the association.
Figures for the 12 months to last November show 27% more car drivers and 18% more van and lorry drivers were flouting the law.