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someone who jeers or mocks or treats something with contempt or calls out in derision

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And an isolated flouter of federal authority likely faced an unusually high risk of prosecution.
Over a third of the software installed worldwide last year was pirated with China far and away the most enthusiastic flouter of licensing agreements, latest figures show.
Wittgenstein was a soldier in World War I and a medical orderly in World War II, a mechanical engineer, an architect, a secondary-school teacher, a flouter of academic conventions, a nonpublisher, an exile; he gave away all his money (a fortune), and he abandoned his professorship.
Local newspapers have repeatedly painted Alaska as a flouter of rules, charging that the very maverick spirit credited for its fast growth has encouraged, as a Seattle Times article put it, "a culture that condones sidestepping safety regulations for the sake of saving money.
Bergerus was a "Libertine" in the worst sense of the term: not just an opponent of ecclesiastic discipline, but a licentious flouter of public norms.
That a regular flouter of international humanitarian law such as former U.
Well, sir, which is it, flag-bearer or flouter, torch or torturer, that best describes the Islamic Republic's relationship to human rights?
Saudi police say they have arrested more than 25,000 illegal residents in Madinah over the past six months as part of a national campaign to nab immigration law flouters.
Iran is also receiving support for its position from such regular flouters of international law as Belarus, Cuba and North Korea.
You may have to approach flouters with a bill, but word will get around.