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someone who jeers or mocks or treats something with contempt or calls out in derision

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The American protagonist has been typically construed as a self-defining and self-propelling maverick, flouter, drifter or renegade beyond normal human ties.
Well, sir, which is it, flag-bearer or flouter, torch or torturer, that best describes the Islamic Republic's relationship to human rights?
Jeremy Hutchinson of gator-attack and campaign-fund-violation renown and State Treasurer Martha Shoffner, flouter of legislative subpoenas and target of a criminal investigation over her handling of state money.
Bergerus was a "Libertine" in the worst sense of the term: not just an opponent of ecclesiastic discipline, but a licentious flouter of public norms.
That a regular flouter of international humanitarian law such as former U.
However, Sophie, Totie, and Belle were more than the purveyors of risque material and flouters of taboos and social conventions.
At the moment, the law flouters only face the wrath of their fellow motorists, who may well consider investing in a blow-up dummy passenger.
Italy (33), Ireland (29), Greece (26 cases) and Spain (25) are also identified as serial green legislation flouters, while Denmark (7), Sweden (8) and Finland (10) are hailed as Europe's environmental good guys.
TV Licensing's operation will continue to give fine flouters indigestion, especially as they risk a possible court appearance and a fine of up to pounds 1,000 if caught.