flour corn

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corn having kernels almost entirely of soft starch

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Flour corn has soft starch throughout, with no horny (vitreous) endosperm and little or no dent.
They can be selected from any of the major corn types, although they are often flint or flour corns.
Performing the same evaluation of flour corn produced an EER for a three-year average yield of 63:1.
Another old field variety sometimes grown for fresh, "sweet" corn and sometimes regarded as a flour corn.
At first glance, flour corn resembles flint corn in size and shape, but it lacks hard starch.
In the future, I plan to offer some Seneca corns, particularly 'Ha-Go-Wa' (hominy corn) and 'Blue Bear Dance,' as well as 'Tuscarora' flour corn.
Another old field variety sometimes grown for fresh "sweet" corn and sometimes regarded as a flour corn.
Any flour corn can be ground to make corn meal, or parched by heating the kernels over medium-low heat in a dry skillet, without oil.
2 cups corn flour (The Paraguayans cook dry flour corn then grind by hand.
Flour corn kernels should be hard, with a characteristic dent in the middle of the upper surface.
When I arrived in Bozeman, John gave me tours of a couple of his vegetable gardens--ripe with juicy red tomatoes, colorful peppers, broccoli, sweet corn, ancient flour corns, squashes, beans, you name it.
Flour corns have starchy endosperms (the central, fleshy part of each kernel), so they are the best type of corn for grinding into fine cornmeal, often called corn flour.