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a bin for holding flour

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The farm came with a flour bin full of flour (60 to 70 pounds) and five or six varieties of fruit trees.
The pizza fridge, vegetable fridge, flour bin and microwave were all laced with dirt.
50, Garden Trading (01993 847 334)' Flour bin, pounds 20, Garden Trading (01993 847 334, www.
In addition to the rat droppings, mouse droppings were found in the food store area and there were ants found running over the shelves and squashed in the sugar and flour bin.
Le Pain Croustillant, French and speciality breads manufacturer, has invested in two Mecatherm Megalines, two Rheon stress free dough systems, a PVS/liquid yeast system and liquid sponge plant (serving the Megalines), Pattyn packing equipment and Reimelt/Atlas flour bins and transfer systems.
The sugar and flour bins were sized to a bottom drawer; their hinged lids keep them sealed.
It does, however, provide four bedrooms over a three-storey layout where once there were wheat store and flour bins.