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Whether man or beast she could but conjecture and so she stood with every nerve taut waiting the thing that floundered heavily toward her.
Anne gasped over this unexpected question, and floundered helplessly in her thoughts.
The mother floundered about in the water beneath, whining and yelping.
Yellow Handkerchief kicked me spitefully in the ribs, and then the trio floundered back through the mud to the junk.
They were soft and helpless, made much noise, and floundered around clumsily trying to accomplish by main strength what he accomplished by dexterity and cunning.
He floundered about in darkness until he found the stairs.
He went at the lesson with a will, and soon floundered out of his difficulties, for Polly gave him a lift here and there, and they went on swimmingly, till they came to some rules to be learned.