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Synonyms for floss

a soft loosely twisted thread used in embroidery

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a soft thread for cleaning the spaces between the teeth


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use dental floss to clean

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We believe these commercials for the Waterpik Water Flosser reinforce our iconic brand to be the dependable and trustworthy one America has come to truly love over the years.
Test subjects using a Water Flosser in conjunction with a manual toothbrush had up to 29% better reduction in plaque biofilm than people who used a manual toothbrush and string floss.
For more information on Eez-Thru[R] Fluoride and Vitamin E Flossers or any Sunstar products, please visit www.
Neither a flosser nor a pick, it doesn't offer much stimulation for your gums, either.
It gently vibrates, so presumably teases out the remaining bits of late night supper, and has an interchangeable attachment, a power ergonomic flosser, to remove plaque.
makers of the REACH ACCESS Daily Flosser has deployed www.
Overall rating: HHHHProduct: Waterpik Brush and Flosser Price: pounds 5.
There are plenty of flosser flops on the market, but Waterpik believes its product is strong in convenience, performance, comfort and looks.
maker of the Waterpik[R] Water Flosser, surveyed consumers nationwide to determine which celebrities merited a well-deserved award for best smile.
The LISTERINE[R] ULTRACLEAN[R] ACESS[R] Flosser has a long, ergonomic handle and non-slip grip to each back teeth.
maker of its well-known Water Flossers and showerheads has combined them with the new Waterpik Showerpik, a convenient and compact water flosser for use in the shower.
Not that it's stopped Jo from claiming for her eyeliner and tooth flosser.
Hummingbird - a power pick and flosser which vibrates.
99 (Boots)What they say: This battery- operated flosser is clinically proven to be as effective as its manual counterpart.