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Synonyms for floss

a soft loosely twisted thread used in embroidery

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a soft thread for cleaning the spaces between the teeth


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use dental floss to clean

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The use of dental floss is effective in preventing interdental diseases such as gingivitis, gum decay, etc.
According to American Dental Association, interdental cleaning, whether floss or any other device such as floss threaders or floss picks, are vital to dental health and have been proven to help remove the plaque buildup that contributes to gum disease and cavities.
But for cleaning in between the teeth (aka interdental cleaning), he recommends interdental brushes over floss for most gaps.
Every morning, and every night, she'd look at herself in the mirror and say, aloud: "Yay, I get to floss now
Different populations have been shown to floss with different frequency.
Fresh & White Silky Whitening Floss Picks contain silica, which, according to company officials, works to polish stains between teeth for a more glowing smile.
To enter the contest, users submitted videos or photos of themselves flossing with DenTek Floss Picks on GoFlossYourself.
As a result of the move, Floss Publishing and its assets, including FLOSS Magazine, flossmagazine.
Then, carefully remove the balloon through one of the openings in the floss.
MATERIALS: Plain metal bangles (find 'em in a store like Claire's) * Embroidery floss in three or four of your favorite colors * Glue
Most people who floss, floss not only at home, but on-the-go after a meal or snack.
Qll e ions, d I be of I get totally confused about which is the best floss to use.
It was not until Adam Hyde's 2006 development of FLOSS Manuals that readily accessible and readable documentation became available (1).
Florence and Henry Lucas - who are known as Floss and Harry - got hitched in October, 1942, which means they are among the very select band of UK couples to reach their platinum wedding anniversary.
We contacted manufacturers of dental floss to identify trials.