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Synonyms for florin

the basic unit of money in Suriname

formerly the basic unit of money in the Netherlands

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but for such a treasure we won't take a penny less than a hundred florins.
On the following day she sent him back to the town, saying, 'Here, take our last hundred florins, and buy provisions with them.
here is the money;' and, so saying, he handed him the hundred florins, which the peasant pocketed, and Martin took possession of the cat, which was called Waska.
The Germanic Confederation pledged itself to 34,285 florins.
At first the thing was merry and pleasant enough; but when it had gone on a while, and there seemed to be no end of playing or dancing, they began to cry out, and beg him to leave off; but he stopped not a whit the more for their entreaties, till the judge not only gave him his life, but promised to return him the hundred florins.
But in spite of her care and assiduity she guessed wrong and the last two florins followed each other under the croupier's rake, as he cried out with his inexorable voice the winning colour and number.
Take these 700 florins, and go and play roulette with them.
As the most valuable piece of this years commemorative coin issuance programme, the Magyar Nemzeti Bank will issue a gold commemorative coin Golden Florin of Albert with a face value of HUF 50,000 in normal and piedfort (four times the weight of a normal coin) sizes on 13 March 2018.
Philip Clements, 79, tied the knot with Florin Marin in April after they met on a dating website.
Former Solicitor General Florin Hilbay on Saturday slammed the 'unconstitutional' proposal of the Armed Forces of the Philippines to extend the martial law declaration in Mindanao for another year.
Florin Sztoica, 18, is the subject of a European Arrest Warrant after being found guilty of child sex offences in Romania.
Le ministreroumainde la Justice, Florin Iordache, a annonce jeudi 9 fevrier sa demission, apres une vague de contestations populaires inedites depuis la chute du communisme, contre un decret du gouvernement allegeant la legislation anti-corruption, rapporte l'AFP
Florin Curta is a faculty member of the University of Florida, Gainseville.
The Argentine star had a tough start to his night in Bucharest with his spotkick easily saved by Constantin Nita Florin in eight minutes after Raheem Sterling was brought down.
Twenty-one goal Florin Andone, described as a cross between Lionel Messi and Ronaldo (admittedly in the Andalusian press), has left Spain for France where he is preparing to line up for Romania in the Euros.