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the cultivation of flowering plants

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But over a period of time, I have realized that flower cultivation is quite profitable," said Basanti buni, another floriculturist.
Deepak , a floriculturist said L"I am earning well by doing floriculture and can take care of my family well.
In and around Karamadai there are over 50 greenhouses set up by enterprising floriculturists.
Henk Van Voorbergen said that the tulips grown by the Kashmiri floriculturist are ready to hit the market and fetch them good profits.
All that they need is motivation," opined Praveen Sharma, a Padampuri based floriculturist.
A floriculturist Solanki says that one day he saw his younger son Kanha playing with a python in the fields.
Manoj Singh, a floriculturist, who used to grow wheat earlier is happy that less than one-third acre of a land is giving him a return of around $800 per month.
With so many new roads, lanes and by-lanes having opened to traffic in recent times and many new ones to open this year, Doha-based floriculturists hope to have a roaring boost in businesses.
From viewpoint of economical profit and much inclination of the floriculturists toward it, Azalea alexander L.
About 124 plant species were also showcased by floriculturists.
The science and practice of cultivating flowers is floriculture, and those who specialize in flower production are called floriculturists.
Frequency of micronuclei in lymphocytes from a group of floriculturists exposed to pesticides.
Cytogenetic monitoring of a group of Italian floriculturists : no evidente of DNA damage related to pesticide exposure.