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This period coincides with the flowering of several plants, which makes them particularly attractive for certain floricultural species (eg H.
Rois Red and Quhit, Resplendent of Colour": Margaret Tudor and Scotland's Floricultural Future in William Dunbar's Poetry'.
The production of flower crops has increased significantly and there is a huge demand for floricultural products in the world, resulting in growing international flower trade.
In particular, the demand for potted ornamental peppers has experienced large increase in the past decade, in both Brazilian and international floricultural markets.
To be held on March 13 to 15, it will be followed by HortiASIA from March 17 to 19 which will highlight the latest horticultural and floricultural developments.
Dubai in particular has emerged as the focal point of regional floricultural and horticultural activities and is thus the perfect host for the Middle East's premier and only dedicated platform for plants and flowers.
Entrepreneurial Characteristics of Floricultural Farmers.
Virtualisation of floricultural supply chains: a review from an Internet of things perspective, Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 99: 160-175.
He said that country holds immense comparative production advantage in horticulture sector as our fruits, vegetables, and floricultural products have rich potential to clinch major share in world's $180 billion plus annual market.
This is said to have hurt the exporters of non-traditional goods, especially floricultural and horticultural products, as they lost competitiveness.
section] 33-8 ("Community Garden open space (OS-G) subdistricts shall consist of land appropriate for and limited to the cultivation of herbs, fruits, flowers, or vegetables, including the cultivation and tillage of soil and the production, cultivation, growing, and harvesting of any agricultural, floricultural, or horticultural commodity; such land may include Vacant Public Land.
Smallholders find it difficult to participate in some industries in which demanding standards prevail, such as fresh horticultural and floricultural exports, or in which processing benefits from large-scale production, such as sugarcane.
Maternal exposure to floricultural work during pregnancy, PON1 Q192R polymorphisms and the risk of low birth weight.