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Synonyms for floret

the showy reproductive structure of a plant

Synonyms for floret

a diminutive flower (especially one that is part of a composite flower)


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In 2004 and 2014, floret and fruit production were estimated from a minimum of 20 randomly chosen, flowering plants.
There is a need to gain insight regarding the effect of humic acid application on grain, floret production and vase life of gladiolus flowers.
Creamy cauliflower soup with just enough salty blue cheese always warms cockles, one cauliflower pakora is never enough, and aloo gobi (cauliflower and potato) might be one of the most delicious examples of the floret.
Their questions were accurate and I hope I have provided answers that were satisfactory to everyone," Floret added.
In addition, the lateral sepals and floret size of the white hybrid are larger than those of the pale-mauve hybrid.
China has a significant area planted to safflower but florets are harvested for use in traditional medicinal uses (Corleto et al.
To the Editor: We conduct communicable disease risk assessments after humanitarian emergencies, including natural disasters, and would like to clarify the findings of Floret et al.
where NSr is the number of reproductive stolons produced per plant, NI the number of inflorescences per reproductive stolon that reached pollination stage, NFv the number of viable florets per inflorescence, and NO the number of ovules per floret.
Each floret has all the parts of a full-sized flower; petals, stamens, the male organ, and/or pistil, the female portion which, when fertilized produces a seed.
Just in time for summer weddings and parties, the Crystal Palace Cupcake Tree, the stunning round acrylic dessert stand known for its elegance and clever construction, has debuted in square and floret shapes for those who want an out-of-the-ordinary design for their special occasion.
Also the effects of floret removal over 8 different treatment, (interaction effects) were evaluated on above traits.
Heinrich (1979) and Jakobsen and Olsen (1994) reported some field observations in white clover that support this hypothesis as they noticed that a bee will hover for a few seconds in front of the floret before entering or rejecting it without landing.
The increased number of florets per head at higher elevations did not compensate, in terms of total floret number, for the increased number of heads at lower elevations.
Every floret is a spiral and so on, as the pattern repeats in each floret.