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Offering the DriveKey as a portable storage option demonstrates HP's belief in the USB keychain storage category as an alternate solution to current floppy disk technology.
5-inch floppy disk in size, it has a capacity of 128 Mbytes and is compatible with a wide range of drives operating from 1800 to 3600 rpm.
Perhaps the most compelling reason people have for owning a Disklavier is its ability to recreate one of more than 200 floppy disk "albums" -- called PianoSoft -- which feature note-for-note performances made by such top artists as Liberace, Chick Corea, David Benoit, Roger Williams, Steve Allen, Peter Nero, Dick Hyman, and Floyd Cramer.
The device's unique design and functionality enables computer manufacturers to provide a pure mobile experience to users who require extra storage without needing readers and hardware for existing storage media like CD-R(W) and floppy disks.
a cutting-edge developer of versatile integrated circuits and production-ready designs for a new generation of consumer electronics products, today announced a digital camera and TV docking station that allows users to take pictures, view them on the TV, and store them on inexpensive, universally available floppy disks without having to use a computer.
Computer retail chain PC World is dropping floppy disks from sale due to plummeting demand.
The company said only 2% of the PCs and laptops it sells at present include a floppy disk drive and confirmed these will be phased out by this summer.
The disk can record information just like a computer floppy disk, but will have 500 megabytes of memory, roughly the equivalent of a full-size CD-ROM.
A floppy disk, usually just called a disk, is a thin plate of flexible (floppy) plastic that is coated with a layer of magnetic material.
21 /PRNewswire/ -- Peripheral Enhancements Corporation, a worldwide leader in the development of innovative computer memory products, introduced today a new Flashpath(TM) SmartMedia(TM) Floppy Disk Adapter which is designed to make transferring photographs from digital cameras faster and easier for both amateur and professional photographers.
The hard disk acts as a giant floppy disk, storing hundreds of times more information than a floppy, yet serves the same basic purpose as floppy disks, with three key differences:
A floppy disk consists of a memory disk and a pair of disk shells provided with a liner inside for protecting the memory disk.
The program is supposed to copy important system configuration files from Windows 95 to a floppy disk or elsewhere and restore some settings in some cases, but Microsoft's Web site admits that it does not always work correctly.
Before working with CD-ROM, look into whether it makes more sense to distribute on a floppy disk, on a series of floppy disks, on a Syquest or magneto-optical cartridge, or via modem over an online service.
The launch of Windows 95 and all of the applications related to it will be a stabilizing factor on floppy disk pricing," he said.