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Consumers who want to use the new floppies will have to pay about $200 to replace their old floppy drive with a new one that can take advantage of the LS-120's features.
Media; Storage Devices Expected To Replace Many Floppies And Zip
The most popular application by far is word processing, and floppies are an ideal transportable medium for transferring documents from one computer to another.
For novice users who do not want to create their own floppies, SystemSoft will create the floppies directly.
The portable Imation USB Floppy Drive for Macintosh is an easy, affordable choice for Macintosh users who store and swap files on floppies," said Rusty Rosenberger, consumer products business manager for Imation Data Storage and Information Management.
44MB floppies for backing up, storing and sharing smaller files, or 120MB SuperDisk diskettes for larger files.
44MB floppies," said Steve Solomon, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Computer Products Division, Fuji Photo Film U.