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a cheap lodging house

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But the flophouses represented just one segment of a surprisingly vital residential hotel market that flourished in the United States during the late 1800s and first decades of the 20th century.
Dennis worked the bars and flophouses of Halifax's dockside, talked his way onto some of the blasted freighters, and wrote dozens of stories based on interviews with sailors and passengers who recounted their survivals of U-boat attacks, harrowing escapes from wrecks and long voyages in lifeboats, and successful counterattacks against the subs.
Some parts of the city, with seedy flophouses, rampant drugs and prostitution, feel like a heroin nightmare.
He blamed himself for not keeping their former pact and later became a fixture in downtown flophouses.
The club sat on an avenue synonymous with flophouses in a neighborhood infamously dubbed "skid row.
On another, it is swinging-singles creepy, bringing to mind the Skid Row flophouses that charge by the hour.
In a city where gentrification continually lays claim to new neighbourhoods, where flophouses in the Bowery have been replaced with upscale glass-and-steel towers, the Chelsea is a holdout.
One by one, they've volunteered to trade in their danger zones--corner bars, cheap flophouses and back-alley shooting galleries--for this far-flung alternative they call "The Farm".
Such measures, in addition to state and local legislation that would deny some benefits and services to illegal immigrants, are a response to understandable and legitimate concerns that the nation's borders are porous; that illegal immigrants are straining government services and budgets; and that neighborhoods are being degraded by flophouses, day laborers and immigrant gangs.
1935), whose hero, Matt Williams, is "hungry and being chased by police and getting small jobs and sleeping in flophouses.
The glue factories Edith Wharton's family owned, the flophouses where sailors were regularly "shanghaied" by crimps hired by ship captains seeking indentured labor; the cobblestone streets where Herman Melville launched Ishamel in his classic novel Moby Dick, and fishmongers yielding hooks pedaled their stocks for over a century all left their marks on the modern day multi million dollar condo lofts and trendy shops and restaurants.
In addition, in Osaka, flophouses, which normally only allow you to pay daily, have begun to allow payment of one month's rent in advance so the "renter" can use the flophouse as an address.
The anecdotal evidence suggests a conservative estimate of 2,000 plus Teessiders are heading for the Leidesplein, holing up on the Botel and flophouses and gathering at coffee shops, bars and the mandatory traditional Irish pubs such as Smokey O'Spliffs.
Settings that once had housed and hidden the fugitive outsider, the working-class enclaves of the city tenements, urban flophouses, and late-night lounges, were now presented as sites of criminality to be spied upon, patrolled, and "cleaned up.
he slept on park benches or in flophouses, Always hungry he ate at public soup kitchens.