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a cheap lodging house

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That bullet, the government contended later, was fired by Ray from the bathroom of the flophouse, after which he dashed out of the building, conveniently dropped his rifle on the sidewalk, leaped in a white Mustang and fled.
Another time, Olmos remembers his dad wearing ragged clothes and living in a flophouse for a story he did on Portland's skid row, long before stories about the homeless were commonplace.
His squalid flat in the town's Skinner Street served as a flophouse for Gillingham's drug- users and crooks.
Michael Sheehan, the NYPD's deputy commissioner of counter terrorism, said: "In the flophouse [dosshouse] where this was built in Leeds, they had commercial grade refrigerators to keep the materials cool.
After all, we went there for two very clear reasons: to apprehend the perpetrators of 9/11 or decapitate the organization that carried out 9/11, which is something we've pretty much done; and to punish the innkeepers at this R&R center that you mentioned the flophouse for Islamic revolutionaries known as Afghanistan.
The rental property became something of a flophouse, Fouts added.
Andersen leaves no reel unspun as he mines fiction for its "documentary revelation," presenting filming-location histories of places like Bunker Hill, which Hollywood shot when it was a heir flophouse district and, later, when it was a clear corporate simulacrum, and all but ignored in between.
Run by an eccentric widow, Madame Rachou, this flophouse (the term hotel somehow seems too grand to describe a place of such squalor) offered residents such luxuries as 40 watts of power per room (enough for a single lightbulb, but not much more), one 'toilet' per level (essentially a hole in the floor), greaseproof paper over the windows in lieu of curtains and a change of bedspread once a year.
That fictional projection embodies what Ruineux fears he will become: a decrepit old man living out his closing days amid the roaches and stench of a flophouse in Philadelphia (itself a city that participates effortlessly in two tenses simultaneously).
SSI demands that a third party receive and disburse the dole money for drug addicts and alcoholics (DA&A, in SSI lingo); unfortunately, in many cases that third party is a drug dealer, liquor store, or flophouse runner.
It's more like a flophouse for "resting" soap stars from Corrie, Enders and Neighbours who have reached their sell-by dates.
Whenever I injure or tire myself on the rails," he admits, "I can rest, whether at home or in a flophouse.
Driven from his house by these uncontrollable visions, he takes up temporary residence in the Hotel Eden, a nearby flophouse.
O'Neill, who lived for a time in a flophouse in Manhattan, tried to escape from his problems by drinking and by one failed attempt at suicide.
Jerry, in his mid-life emptiness and creative desiccation, never becomes convincing, and with a plot that creaks louder than a Bengali flophouse door, the story falls apart in a graceless and disagreeable jumble.