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an employee of a retail store who supervises sales personnel and helps with customer problems


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Lewis's at the end of Lime Street was another domain of the floorwalker, who needed a thorough knowledge of the latest stock and what was, or was not, available.
Some clergy were offended by the comparison, forgetting the fact that the floorwalker was seen as a friendly, helpful evangelist.
Viner, but agreed to develop and launch a program to teach Nova Scotia-based floorwalkers how to deal appropriately with customers and about racial profiling.
It was also great fun in the William Hill shop - there were sweets for everyone and I thought the effort made by floorwalkers across the entire business was fantastic.
In Huddersfield there will be floorwalkers available to help people.
No one came to their assistance; the floorwalkers didn't interfere, the trustees looked on with indifference, even satisfaction; and the free world people on duty appeared to be helpless.
The job: I usually work in check-in but the manager wanted floorwalkers for the busy summer period so I have been doing this since June.
I asked of one of the admittedly very apologetic floorwalkers.
Floorwalkers in green Finance Factors aprons stood at the perimeter of the booth.
It might even have been a thrill in the 1920s, when the downtown hotels, department stores, office buildings, and movie theaters dazzled the senses--and, with their doormen, bellhops, elevator operators, shoeshine boys, sales-girls, floorwalkers, and ushers, offered a level of service that all but disappeared in the second half of the 20th century.
In the shops of Hills, Ladbrokes and Coral that I visited, there was truly a carnival atmosphere and it was tremendous to see floorwalkers helping the novices.
If I was lucky I might get taken to the cafe in Binns for a toasted teacake while my mum reminisced about shopping in Henderson's where the ladies wore hats and floorwalkers ruled the roost.
Intense effort goes into making the Grand National as fun as possible - many firms will have floorwalkers and lottery-type slips.
Spokesman Gary Cain said: "The provision of floorwalkers means that we can quickly diagnose the customer's needs and the most appropriate way to meet them.