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a series of acts at a night club

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BEIRUT: A backstage camera follows a gaggle of youngsters in sequined dresses as they giggle through preparations for a primary school performance, a Rockettes-style floorshow for prepubescent girls.
The re-imagined Trocadero Dance Palace will feature a huge dance floor, a fabulous floorshow, aerial artists and sizzling swing music played by Sydney's spectacular all-girl big band, Sirens Big Band, just as an all-girl big band did in the Troc's halcyon days.
Rescue dog Chandi transfixed viewers with her ballet floorshow on Britain's Got Talent but these are the pooches hard on her heels.
Lured away from his duty by the attractions of Paris Noah (who at the time inhabited the human form of an aging French bachelor) was enjoying the floorshow at the Folies Bergre when the car accident occurred.
floorshow has brought extra Special success for a group of North East disabled sports students.
Talking us through it, the chef whipped up the dish amid a fury of flames that adds a bit of a floorshow to what is a basic dish.
While S Factor offers levels one through seven, each with its own panty (like belts earned in martial arts), Slinky Productions' classes are organized by specific sexy skills: Lap dancing, pole dancing and floorshow classes are all popular offerings (slinkyproductions.
Although both characters appear to enjoy the floorshow, there is a strong suggestion of sadomasochism or perhaps plain violence in this otherwise comic incident.
The opening floorshow was titled "Fantasia Mexicana" and there was much excitement throughout the city.
Unsurprisingly for something this emotionally charged, flagging also seems to incite political turf wars, especially in recent years as it has begun to cross over into the mainstream cultural arena, popping up in music videos, sharing the bill at charity benefit performances, and even serving as the floorshow at bar mitzvahs.
You can take a traditional camel ride or go buggy driving across the dunes' then enjoy a plush casino by night, complete with restaurant meal and floorshow.
And in the high-end nightspots there is always a sassy floorshow full of beauties in skimpy sparkling dresses and high heels.
When he refuses to leave, she sits down beside him and says she is going to watch the floorshow to see for herself what the attraction is.
We'll just have to keep a look-out for the fireworks on the day I suppose and enjoy the floorshow.
Floorshow hours were extended on Monday and Tuesday.