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a series of acts at a night club

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BEIRUT: A backstage camera follows a gaggle of youngsters in sequined dresses as they giggle through preparations for a primary school performance, a Rockettes-style floorshow for prepubescent girls.
And in the high-end nightspots there is always a sassy floorshow full of beauties in skimpy sparkling dresses and high heels.
When he refuses to leave, she sits down beside him and says she is going to watch the floorshow to see for herself what the attraction is.
We'll just have to keep a look-out for the fireworks on the day I suppose and enjoy the floorshow.
Floorshow hours were extended on Monday and Tuesday.
After a three-course meal, the floorshow and Radio One DJ Nemone, chart act Wheatus played a storming set - helped by 10 students pulled from the crowd by the band.
One of the highlights of the Pavilion is sure to be the ShowTenders floorshow.
Using its proprietary industry-leading technology, Gen2Media will integrate 3-D imaging, 2-D compositing and live video from the stage into a visually stunning floorshow.
The Cosmopolitan's hippest hot spot defies categorization and expectations, combining an experimental floorshow with killer eats, stiff libations and a catwalk-ready crowd.
Meanwhile, the Beales are asked to do the catering for a fishmongers' convention - and end up providing a free floorshow when Jane and Bianca, who have been given special fish-themed costumes for the event, end up coming to blows with each other.
Pete, of Llangollen, has been DJ-ing for 17 years, taking it up as a hobby after he became fascinated by the flashing lights floorshow laid on by the disc jockey of his school disco.
Turn Back Time is another feather in the cap of Dara, whose TV career has taken off since he hosted BBC Scotland's Live Floorshow.
For traditional, try Chevermeto which includes an authentic folk floorshow.
All of us other customers were at the windows watching the unscheduled floorshow.
An empty dance floor and music was an open invitation for our four-year-old to wear herself out as the floorshow.